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EasyDive’s Complete Dive + Snorkel kit and the Snorkelator are innovating the Undersea Experience!  

Want a 15-20 min lightweight dive kit?  Check out the EasyDive Kit - at only 15 pounds its perfect for any situation where you want to jump in the water quickly.

Want a way to switch between your snorkel and regulator in just one mouthpiece?  Check out the Snorkelator - a patented technology offers divers the ability to combine this snorkel with any diving regulator - creating a truly unique experience. 

By simplifying your SCUBA equipment, EasyDive will optimize the way you dive.

Visit EasyDive.us for more information.

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New! EasyDive Kit with Snorkelator
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$575.00  $565.00
Nomad (Spare Air with Snorkelator attached)
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$410.00  $390.00
Introducing the Snorkelator!
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$80.00  $60.00
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EasyDive Custom Harness
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Regulator Necklace
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High Pressure Portable Air Compressor
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